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BRANDS                                                                   "IT ALWAYS SEEMS IMPOSSIBLE UNTIL IT'S DONE" -  NELSON MANDELA

Disney Store, Parks & Travel


Promoting new deals, giveaways, and sweepstakes from Disney Store, Disney Parks & Travel, and select licensees across online, email and social touchpoints.


Recruited, built, and managed teams to reach, acquire, convert, and retain customers.  Executions included online display units, daily emails, editorial campaigns by Babble bloggers and daily posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest.  


Analyzed e-commerce trends & projections focusing on mobile, curated social and local shopping patterns, as well as the blend of content and commerce executions.

Disney XD & Marvel


Focused on using games to promote new boy-targeted TV shows, premieres, marathons and other TV stunts.  Other tactics included online and mobile executions to drive tune-in and brand engagement.


The launch of Marvel's Avengers Assemble featured a takeover of, complete with a lineup of 12 branded short videos and animated superheroes leaping across and around the homepage.     

Variety & Dell


Produced a new video series at SXSW featuring a mix of filmmakers and musicians like Josh Brolin, Morgan Spurlock, Wanda Jackson, Greta Gerwig, Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top, Rosario Dawson, Steven Conrad, Kate Walsh and more.  


Dell sponsored Festival Central, the microsite which featured the videos, news, reviews, photos, and trailers, as well as the print coverage.


The videos were shot, edited and uploaded on location by Super! Alright!, a Dell vendor, and distributed by Variety.  Festival attendees could watch the interviews at the Dell Lounge.

HP & Disney


This multi-year partnership included packaging with codes for an online experience, a Disney themed app on HP's new line of connected devices, printables featuring fun Disney characters, an online print center and numerous web and mobile ad campaigns.  


Evaluated, hired and managed multiple vendors to execute online, display, email, and on-air promotional tactics.  


Paved the way for producing best-in-class branded apps for connected devices, localized for global markets.

Variety & NY Production Alliance 


Launched Variety's original video programming by producing 47 filmmaker videos at Sundance, featuring Chris Pine, Colin Farrell, Woody Harrelson, Stanley Tucci, Jack Black, Matthew Broderick and more.  


Videos were shot, edited & uploaded onsite and then distributed to bloggers and MSN.  Festival-goers could also watch the videos at the NY Lounge.  Managed entire operation involving teams on the ground at Sundance and in Los Angeles.


The package also included photos, trailers, news, and reviews across print, online and event touchpoints.   

Variety & BMW @ Digital Hollywood


Oversaw the production of a new BMW sponsored video series featuring Brent Weinstein, Richard Kerris, Jules Urbach, Christophe Abric & Vincent Moon, Ramu Sankara & Nikolay Abkairov, Tim Sassoon, Jenova Chen, Kellee Santiago and more.


The videos were tied into Digital Hollywood and included print and online executions, as well as a panel at the conference and a poolside reception at the Renaissance Hotel.  A BMW vehicle was showcased in the lobby.



Disney Channel 


Using online, mobile and email campaigns to promote new TV shows, marathons, and special events.  Promoted games, videos and activities across the Disney network to drive tune-in and brand engagement.


Camp Rock 2 and Phineas and Ferb's "Summer Belongs to You!" were both record breaking hits when premiered.


Provided data and analysis to show that the audience combined TV viewing and social media activities, in order to extend promotions to Facebook and Twitter.

Variety, Amex, Belvedere & AMC

Produced a new series of filmmaker interviews featuring Josh Peck, Chazz Palminteri, Dan Myrick, Bill Plympton, Troy Garity, Zach Shaffer and more.


The videos, sponsored by American Express and Belvedere, were shot, edited and uploaded on location by AMC and distributed to bloggers and MSN, by Variety.


Belvedere also sponsored Festival Central, the microsite which featured the videos, photos, trailers, news, and reviews.  The coverage included print executions as well.



Part of the team at Pittard Sullivan that launched TiVo, a new user-friendly digital video recorder.


The graphic user interface, featuring the now iconic character, resulted in high adoption rates and brought the product to life.  This revolutionized the way people watched TV. 


This interface also enabled content partners to develop customized promos and showcase their programming. 

Sony Pictures - Mobile & Games


Collaborated on extending titles like Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy to online, mobile and gaming platforms.


Challenges included integrating the new verticals into, as well as extending TV and Movie IPs into gaming and mobile experiences.  



Mattel - HiT Entertainment 


Created the digital app strategy & playbook for Mattel's HiT Entertainment.


Developed new insights for the IP-driven digital business and created a customized approach for them to achieve competitive advantages and drive tangible bottom-line results. 


The analysis included content, functionality, pricing, marketing, distribution and partnership recommendations.

ABC & The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences 


Part of the team at Pittard Sullivan that designed and developed the new website for the 72nd Academy Awards. The site's design included streaming film clips, behind the scenes glimpses, and interactive features in which viewers could ask questions of Academy historians or predict Oscar winners online. 

On Oscar Night the team was backstage uploading photographs, movie clips, and streaming video of the event within two minutes of each winner accepting their award on stage. 


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