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I Dare You!

Shakira’s official song for the World Cup, “La La La”, is an awesome integration of multiple brands. The aspirational music video perfectly blends the spirit of the World Cup, Activia, the UN’s World Food Programme, and Shakira herself.

The video has 8 key ingredients:

  • Midriffs: bare & used as the canvasses for Activia’s tummy smiles

  • Balls: sent airborne by recognizable World Cup soccer players

  • Flags: in colorful collages and on painted smiling faces

  • Kids: dancing and kicking balls as a nod to the next generation

  • Drums: to ceremoniously signal the start of something great

  • Animals: to symbolize primal instincts, strength, and power

  • Shakira: bold and feminine, as she dances, sings and beats drums

  • Cause: goal to deliver 3M additional school meals to kids in developing countries

At this time, the video has generated over 218M views on YouTube. Check it out and make a donation while you’re at it.

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