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Make Roar Happen!

Katy Perry, Staples, & have joined forces this Back to School season.

Shop, donate, win concert tickets, meet Katy Perry and potentially save a teacher over $400!

Each year teachers spend more than $400 of their own cash on supplies. raises funds in an attempt to end that mess. Staples made a $1M donation to the fund and they are accepting donations from customers online and in stores. Since they are also a presenting sponsor of Katy Perry’s tour, they are offering up concert tickets and backstage shenanigans, to winners of a video contest and a sweepstakes. Age restrictions and rules apply, obviously.

Check out the purple-hued video of Katy Perry making a heartwarming case for the fundraising effort. The only element missing from the video is the actual roar. The hit track that this campaign is named after is sorely missing, making all the elements feel extremely disconnected.

Even so, it seems like a noble campaign during a highly competitive retail season, which is estimated at over $72B, according to the National Retail Federation.

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