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Tricia Del Rosario

Senior Manager, Digital Media with expertise in Ad Sales Production and Marketing

"I had the pleasure of working alongside Sunita on the same team. She is a consummate professional with skills unparalleled in Strategic Partnerships, Product Development, and Integrated Marketing. She successfully managed key initiatives for the Walt Disney Company including a multi-million dollar strategic partnership with HP and Disney as well as an Ecommerce business initiative that consistently actualized revenue quarter after quarter. I would highly recommend Sunita for any company looking for an individual who is intelligent, driven, strategic, and can manage a product from the ground up."

March 31, 2014, Tricia worked directly with Sunita at Disney Interactive


Jonathan Soleymani

Digital Media and Marketing Executive with MBA and 15+ years experience

"I worked with Sunita for about a year at Disney Interactive, and she was a pleasure to have in the office. Always coming in with a smile on her face, she was a respected and relied upon member of the Mom and Family team at Disney Interactive. She was very well liked, and knowledgeable in strategic partnerships, integrated marketing and product development. I would love to work with her again in the future."

March 31, 2014, Jonathan worked with Sunita at Disney Interactive


Egan Jover

Online Marketing Manager at M-GO

"Sunita is a strong team leader who is focused on driving revenue, measuring results and creating a working environment that is both enjoyable and productive. She managed a new product that generated seven digits in revenue during its first year where she developed business processes and key relationships that will remain sustainable for many more years. It was a pleasure to work with her on the Disney Family team, and I hope our paths cross again in the future. Sunita receives my highest possible recommendation as both a business leader and a true friend."

August 7, 2013, Egan reported to Sunita at Disney Interactive


Jessica Moncado

Marketing Manager at AddThis

"Working with Sunita was a great experience. She is hardworking, dedicated, organized, and extremely easy to work with. She is a team player who gives 110% to the project at hand while watching out for the wellbeing of her team and the best interest of the company vision. I really enjoyed working with her and hope to work with her again in the future."

December 5, 2012, Jessica worked indirectly for Sunita at Disney Interactive


Isabell Terry

Producer at Sony Pictures Entertainment

"Sunita is highly professional, adaptable and bright. She has outstanding partner/client relationship skills and gains the respect and trust of everyone she works with. She was responsible for a high profile partnership with Disney and HP and exceeded projected revenue goals significantly. I would highly recommend her and hope to work with her soon again!"

October 2, 2012, Isabell worked directly with Sunita at Disney Interactive


David Gonzalez
Director, Creative at Fandango

"Sunita and I worked together on many challenging projects and all ended successfully due to her work ethic and attitude. She has a can-do personality and is a great collaborator. She can tackle tactical issues, but also sees the larger picture and her projects were better for it. She is a joy to work with and has a welcoming spirit that I will definitely miss partnering with. She would make an excellent addition to any organization looking to strengthen their capabilities."

October 2, 2012, David worked directly with Sunita at Disney Interactive


Melissa Byers
Content Manager at The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences

"Sunita is one of the best Disney has hired. She is meticulous and thorough, and she excels in any position she is asked to fill. Her understanding of the Disney brand and her enthusiasm in promoting the work of her team are an inspiration. I would welcome working with Sunita in any capacity."

September 29, 2012, Melissa worked with Sunita at Disney Interactive


Bish Guha
Education & Health Care at HP

"Sunita and I have been working in the same project for more than a year, and I have been very impressed by her energy, creativity, attention to details and overall professionalism that she brings in the HP-Disney partnership! Because of her initiatives, our project significantly exceeded the goal that we originally planned for, and she brings forward ideas on how to drive even better results! It is a pleasure to work with Sunita and I wish her continued success in her career!"

November 23, 2011, Bish was with another company when working with Sunita at Disney Interactive


Charlie Conrad
Sr. Account Executive, Display & Mobile Brand Solutions at Yelp

"I have had the pleasure of working with Sunita on a high profile program, with a key corporate alliance partner here at Disney Interactive over the past year.  Sunita has the ability to not only keep an internal group on track and moving forward to meet difficult timelines, but does so with creativity and a consistently great attitude.  That combined with the relationship of trust she has established with our client has made Sunita a critical member of our team, and someone I would love to work with again."

October 25, 2011, Charlie worked directly with Sunita at Disney Interactive


Robert May
Producer / Content Manager at Disney Interactive Media Group

"In addition to being a great content producer Sunita tackles technical nightmares with ease. She has persevered through one of the more daunting projects I can remember with great success, streamlining production along the way. Her tenacity under pressure is commendable but her resourcefulness and creativity make her the perfect addition to any team. Believe what you'll hear about her sense of humor as well... she's a delight to work with!"

April 28, 2011, Robert worked with Sunita at Disney Interactive


Anna Dimayuga
Senior Designer

"Sunita was a pleasure to work with. She has a lot of energy and very dependable. When she came on board, she immediately learned the process and when process was not in place, she created solutions. She is willing to listen to suggestions. She is quick-thinking and performs well under pressure in this fast-paced environment."

October 7, 2011, Anna worked directly with Sunita at Disney Interactive


Matt Baxter

"I had the pleasure of working with Sunita while she was part of the Channel team at the Disney Interactive Media Group. In addition to being one of the most thorough, buttoned-up people I worked with while at Disney she was also one of the most level-headed and easy to work with as well. After her freelance contract with the Channel team ended I had the incredible luck of being able to snag Sunita to work on a complex, multi-platform, multi-tactic program for one of Disney's biggest corporate partners. Sunita immediately swooped in and brought a degree of order and vision to the project that was sorely missing. Sunita gets my highest recommendation and I would jump at the chance to work with her again."

March 7, 2011, Matt managed Sunita at Disney Interactive


Karen Vasquez-McDaniel
Sr. Manager, Web Production at Viking River Cruises

"I enjoy working with Sunita's no non-sense style. She is thorough, detailed and an excellent communicator. She's an invaluable resource in our fast-paced, ever-changing environment. Having her in this current role has made my job much easier."

November 16, 2010, Karen worked with Sunita at Disney Interactive


Julius Harper
Senior Manager, Project Management at Disney-ABC Television Group, Digital Media – Disney Channels Worldwide

"Sunita is a change agent. She recognizes issues within her organization and takes active steps to fix them. She's a real self-starter, very intelligent, and not afraid to share her opinion. Any company would be lucky to have her as an asset."

November 8, 2010, Julius worked with Sunita at Disney Interactive


Marisa Freeden
Senior Producer at The Cimarron Group

"I've had the pleasure of working with Sunita over the last year at DIMG. She does an outstanding job managing the editorial programming and strategy across the Disney Channel TV properties. She is resourceful, dependable and goes out of her way to ensure her deadlines are met, her calendar is in order and her team knows how to execute. She's the type of person that thrives in environments that change and builds the right relationships to ensure she can excel at her job. She would be a fantastic person to have on any team."

November 8, 2010, Marisa worked directly with Sunita at Disney Interactive


Kayne Cho
Application Support

"Excellence, that's how I'd sum up Sunita. She possesses a tremendous amount of knowledge when it comes to developing online content strategy, directing programming, and creating palpable value propositions for the myriad business units supported. Sunita was my go-to person for all things online for Disney Channel and Disney XD. Fun to work with, easy to communicate with, and always on-top of the details and deadlines, Sunita would be a treasured addition to any new media organization."

November 2, 2010, Kayne worked with Sunita at Disney Interactive


Gino Guzzardo
Senior Manager, Content Programming & Editorial

"In her contract work for us, I was very impressed with how soon Sunita brought herself up-to-speed, bringing value not only on a functional level immediately, but also on a strategic one soon after. That speaks to her innate intelligence and sophisticated understanding of the corporate landscape. She's a level-headed, clear-thinking, and fun professional. I'd be happy to work with her again."

October 13, 2010, Gino worked directly with Sunita at Disney Interactive 


Clarissa Gonzalez Jaspers
Disney and ESPN Media Networks, Senior Account Manager

"Sunita is one of the few people I've met that can truly hit the ground running. She is intelligent, resourceful, strategic, driven and provides value to everything she does. Working with her is rewarding because she "gets it" when others just...don't."

September 23, 2010, Clarissa worked directly with Sunita at Disney Interactive


Christopher Lakis
Product Operations at Disney Interactive

"It is a pleasure working with Sunita. She has an incredible attention to detail and handles any and all tasks thrown at her with professionalism and courtesy."

July 30, 2010, Christopher worked directly with Sunita at Disney Interactive


Mike Jones

"Sunita was essential in building a new film festival-oriented website for Variety. She is diligent, smart, and pushes through good ideas. She is also able to think and plan laterally. And she's fun to work with."

September 9, 2010, Mike worked directly with Sunita at Variety


Gary North

"Sunita was extraordinarily helpful in giving me a thorough understanding of the intricacies involved in search-engine optimization, at the time still quite new to Variety and still developing at that time online in general. I was on the print side of things and she was on the online side, so whenever I had a question that fell under her auspices, I knew I could easily call upon her to teach me, speak with students, and help massage a story for the best possible placement online. She went beyond the call of duty by enthusiastically helping me develop reports for Variety and my professional organizations as well as for class teaching materials related to SEO and copy editing. In addition, she's got a great personality, infectious laugh and and is a delight to work with."

March 16, 2010, Gary worked with Sunita at Variety


Judah Phillips
Consultant, Founder, Startup Advisor, Author

"Sunita is an awesome editor and world-class colleague. She was always interested in figuring out the best ways to use web analytics to improve her editorial, to better understand her audience profile, and to optimize the Variety website. If you are looking for smart, funny, creative, and dynamic editor, you should hire Sunita in a New York minute. Highly recommended."

March 15, 2010, Judah worked with Sunita at Variety


Jeff Long
Web Programmer/Developer

"Each time I worked on a project with Sunita she exposed another great quality that I hadn't known about previously, telling me she has potential for a LOT of things. Sunita is an excellent organizer of her own work, (while) keeping her eye on the larger picture, and does so as she contributes to the direction of the organization (overall). She's bright, quick, professional, and a positive personality to work with (and hope to again)!"

October 14, 2009, Jeff worked with Sunita at Variety


Olivia Hemaratanatorn
Managing Editor at

"Sunita was an invaluable part of the team with all-encompassing knowledge of the online space. She's intelligent, innovative, pragmatic and fun to work with. She brought different departments together to tackle projects, leaving no aspect behind. She had a plethora of good ideas and solved problems with ease and humor."

September 21, 2009, Olivia worked directly with Sunita at Variety


Kristina Rettig
Manager, Digital Advertising Products at Los Angeles Times

"Sunita brings a multitude of talents into her professional repertoire. When working with her at, she could always be relied on to produce solid results in everything from content strategy, metrics analysis, SEO, and even video production. She could always be depended on for results, and also brought a lot of creative solutions to the table. In all, she could be an enormous asset wherever she lands."

September 15, 2009, Kristina worked directly with Sunita at Variety


Anne Thompson
Owner, Thompson on Hollywood

"Sunita was a pleasure to work with. She was energetic, experienced, and knowledgeable, and always happy to share information and make things happen."

September 8, 2009, Anne managed Sunita indirectly at Variety


Mark Torres
Human Resources Professional/Consultant

"As the "HR Guy" at Sunita's place of employment, I hate to say too many good things about her except, she's smart, super organized and it would take two people to replace her. In addition, Sunita never whines, and is truly a pleasure to work with."

September 8, 2009, Mark managed Sunita indirectly at Variety


Brian Kleinhofer
Director, Project Management / DataWorks at Dun & Bradstreet Credibility Corp.

Sunita has strong analytical and business skills. Her expertise covers a broad spectrum from market research to audience analysis to search optimization to usability to content development to video production. She is always eager to take a challenge and present solutions. Sunita exemplifies the leader that wears multiple hats. She is an asset to any team.

April 24, 2008, Brian worked directly with Sunita at Variety


Zack Gideon
Director, Lifecycle Marketing at

"Sunita was a great colleague at Variety. She worked side by side with marketing and helped us strategize and optimize our online marketing campaigns. As our primary editorial content contact, she excelled at providing us with accurate and timely ideas and concepts that helped shape our strategy and lead to success."

March 10, 2008, Zack worked directly with Sunita at Variety


Amy Chen
Marketing Consultant

"Sunita Surajan is highly strategic, analytical and tenacious in her ability to proactively take on new projects. At Variety, she was one of the primary change agents responsible for the 85% year-over-year growth in traffic. Both strategically and culturally, she helped lay the ground work for a 100 year old print brand to adapt to an online media platform. Fiercely driven, Sunita is not afraid to ask controversial questions and implement new procedures from the ground up. Plus, she has a wicked sense of humor."

March 7, 2008, Amy worked with Sunita at Variety


Bill Murray
Solution Architect at EPiServer AB

"Sunita is amazing! In just a few short weeks she has spearheaded Variety's effort to improve traffic by researching traffic levels, discovering new ways to improve traffic, and is very proficient at creating a collaborative environment that positively institutes change. She is a TRUE "Website Rainmaker!"

May 24, 2007, Bill worked directly with Sunita at Variety


Al Cadena
Senior Account Director, Digital Strategy

"Sunita provided us with a very useful competitive analysis that detailed the features of our client's website along with those of their main competitors. The document was easy to update and provided our company with valuable information at a glance that has eye-appeal."

February 25, 2007, Al was Sunita's client


Eliot Hochberg
Entertainment Critic at

"Sunita was a conscientious worker, and displayed excellent interpersonal skills. She also displayed qualities of loyalty and independent thinking. I have since worked with her in other capacities outside of Pittard Sullivan, and have found her to be direct and efficient. A pleasure to work with."

February 16, 2007, Eliot worked directly with Sunita at TOMC, Buzztone & Threshold


Matt Kuzma
Game Producer, Product Director, Writer

"Sunita and I only worked on a few projects together while at Sony, but in each case, she was a genuine pleasure to work with. She's intelligent, enthusiastic, resourceful, and went well out of her way to help our group on a number of occasions. I recommend her without reservation and hope that we can work together again soon."

September 9, 2009, Matt worked with Sunita at Sony Pictures Digital Entertainment


Max Flisi
Research Director at CBS Studios International

"Sunita and I began working at SPDE right about the same time. I enjoyed and appreciated her collaboration and insight in performing web analysis and designing consumer-focused surveys for implementation by the group."

April 23, 2008, Max worked directly with Sunita at Sony Pictures Digital Entertainment

D. Lee Holliday
Executive Search Consultant

"I have had the pleasure of being associated with Sunita both as a co-Worker at Creative Artist Agency and in my current role as an Executive Recruiter/Management Consultant. While at CAA, Sunita had a well-earned reputation for being extremely bright, creative and results-oriented. In my role of Executive Recruiter, I have worked with her as a prospective candidate to top-tier, industry leading clients. She has been highly sought after and uniformly respected as a first rate marketer."

March 7, 2008, D. Lee worked with Sunita at Creative Artists Agency

Nicolle Ross
Creative Marketing Pro

"Sunita's ability to develop and aggregate content and research enabled our team to develop new business initiatives and clients, while contributing significantly to the company's bottom line. She's a delight to work with and a top notch team player."

September 14, 2009, Nicolle managed Sunita indirectly at Pittard Sullivan


James Capp

"Sunita Surajan is sharp and capable. She is a welcome colleague."

September 8, 2009, James worked directly with Sunita at Pittard Sullivan


John Bryan
Freelance Business Development Manager at

"I first met Sunita when she was working with Brian Hurst and was immediately impressed with her knowledge and enthusiasm. Sunita was a breath of fresh air at a difficult time in PS's history and her hard work and ability to provide both detailed information and insightful commentary made all our jobs a lot more manageable. She is very talented as her career post PS has illustrated."

April 4, 2009, John worked directly with Sunita at Pittard Sullivan

Nirav Mehta
Associate Director at University of Michigan Ross School of Business

"In my role as an Associate Director at the University of Michigan, I was honored to have Sunita Surajan as a student in the inaugural EMBA 19 LA cohort. Sunita is a fantastic team player with an inclusive mindset. She performed well in all teams. Her hard-working nature was evident on all levels, as she made great contributions to classroom discussions. Sunita was also very helpful in our efforts to recruit students. She epitomizes what it means to be a student (and soon, alum) of Michigan Ross!"

April 28, 2014, Nirav advised Sunita at University of Michigan - Stephen M. Ross School of Business

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